Dallas USBC BA:

The Dallas USBC BA mission: As the local governing body, the Dallas USBC BA ensures the integrity and protects the future of the sport, provides programs and services and enhances the bowling experience.


USBC is the national governing body for bowling as recognized by the United States Olympic Committee. The USBC Mission is to provide benefits, resources and programs that enhance the bowling experience. The Vision of USBC is to create lifelong bowlers.

Special Announcements

Welcome to the new Dallas USBC Bowling Association's website.

Admittedly there isn't much to look at yet, but we are working to transfer the content from the old site as quickly as we can in addition to adding features that we hope you will find useful. You can still access most of the old site at http://www.dallasbowling-usbc.org/index.html. Some of the links may be broken now so let us know if there is something from the old site that you need immediately and we will make that available to you.

Please report any problems you encounter to jeff@themayfieldhouse.com. We would also appreciate your ideas on how we can better serve you through this website, recognizing that the first step for that is to get it done ;)

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